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The Runs decentralized platform puts you at the centre of extra-ordinary and phenomenal experiences.

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What is is a decentralized, Blockchain-based and XKU driven Ecommerce platform. We are building a truly democratic platform that allows members to decide, create, buy and sell experiences amongst themselves with the platform acting as a facilitator. Blockchain also helps build digital trust amongst members for transactions.

Revolutionizing Ecommerce by giving control back to consumers.

Introducing our patent pending invention XKU TM*

At, we bring out the experiences associated with products through our Experience Keeping Units (XKUs). An XKU is a unique identification code for each of the experiences on our platform.

We bring Experience Beyond Ordinary that

have an interesting
are SOURCED with

The community scores every experience on each of the 3-S parameters.
This score added to the SKU barcode becomes an XKU which is made immutable and transparent over a Blockchain.


* XKU patent & trademark pending

How it works ?

How it Works

Delivering Experiences Beyond Ordinary!

The Experience

Our first XKU pilot of Cricket was during the IPL and the coveted ‘Crypto Currency Cup’ was the winning prize.

Did you know?

With more than a billion active viewers in 18 countries, Cricket has the second highest fan following amongst all the sports in the world.

Our Roadmap


Dec 2017


FEB 2018


MAR 2018
Equity round & pilot with CCD,PVR


APR 2018
Smart contract Development and Audit


JUL 2018
Private Presale


AUG 2018
Public Presale


AUG 2018
Platform Launch


SEP 2018


AUG 2019
XKU expansion beyond 3Cs


MAR 2020
Build 2.0 (Private/ Permissioned)


MAR 2021
Build 3.0 (Public/

Token Sale and Allocation

Token Sale Specifics

Token Allocation

* Maximum lifetime supply of Runs Token: 180 Million ** Two years lock-in period of tokens for management team

Our Team

Board of Directors

  • Jim Yee

    James Yee

    • 35 yrs of IT leadership experience
    • CIO : Associated Bank, Union Bank, Pacific Stock Exchange
    • BS, Columbia University and MBA, St.John's University
  • Tom Blinten

    Managing Partner/CEO, Panamax Capital
    • Former Co-Head-Nomura Capital
    • BS(Math), NC state and Post-Grad work at NC State/Tulane University
  • Giri Devanur

    President & CEO
    • 26 yrs of IT industry experience
    • Successfully completed NASDAQ IPO of AMRH
    • E&Y Entrepreneur of the year 2017
    • Author - Nothing to NASDAQ download PDF
  • Jee Cho

    VP - Technology Finance, Viacom
    • 20 yrs of IT Industry Experience
    • MS (Tech Management), Columbia University
  • Nobuyuki Mokkoh

    Former Director, Marubeni America corporation
    • 30 yrs leadership experience - Corporate Banking
    • B.A. (Business & Commerce), Keio University, Tokyo.

Executive Leadership

  • Giri Devanur

    President & CEO
    • 26 yrs of IT industry experience
    • Successfully completed NASDAQ IPO of AMRH
    • E&Y Entrepreneur of the year 2017
    • Author - Nothing to NASDAQ download PDF
  • Dr. Artit Wangperawong

    Chief Technology Officer
    • AI, IT & Nanotech Evangelist
    • Ph.D., M.S. and B.S. in Engineering from Stanford University
  • Carlos Fernandez

    Chief Growth Officer
    • 20 yrs of IT Industry Experience
    • M&A - Acquired 8 companies for AMRH
    • MS in Technology Management from Columbia University
  • Sandesh Nanjundappa

    Chief Digital Officer
    • 23 yrs of experience in business and technology
    • Former Director Marketing & Tech at Ameri100
    • BS, University of Mysore and Exec Ed, Columbia University
  • Avi Jain

    Senior Vice President, Finance
    • 6 years of global experience in Investment Banking
    • Former VP at Nomura Securities NY
    • MBA, IIM Calcutta and B.Tech, IIT Kharagpur
  • Piyush Sadana

    Chief Strategy Officer
    • 17 years of strategy, finance, sales, and product management experience
    • Held leadership positions with early stage and Fortune 500 firms in Banking, Real Estate, and FinTech industries
    • MBA, Columbia Business School

Advisory Board

  • reuben dsouza

    Reuben D'Souza (Chairman)

    Principal Managing Partner, RD Data Solutions
    • 20 years expertise in IT Services
    • SAP ERP consulting services for Fortune 500 companies
    • Accounting major from University of Texas
  • Anthony Robins

    General Partner, RoundOak Equity
    • Luxury Industry Specialist
    • MS from Tulane University
  • Anu Rangachar

    Consultant, International Program , Mumbai Film Festival
    • 12 yrs in the Film- Festival Industry
    • Former Program Director-Mumbai Film Festival
    • MS, Johns Hopkins University, Maryland
  • Raghu Murali

    Founder, CEO and Chairman, Thorro
    • Founder of Thorro Learning Inc.
    • Ex McKinsey Consultant
    • PhD from Georgia Tech
  • simon-bogdanowicz.jpg

    Simon Bogdanowicz

    Managing Partner, BlockTeam Ventures
    • Blockchain advisor, investor, and speaker
    • 7 years of enterprise technology business development with the Fortune 500
    • Ex-M&A Investment Banker at Royal Bank of Canada
    • BBA from Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
  • Jesse Tevelow

    Managing Partner, BlockTeam Ventures
    • Blockchain advisor, investor, and bestselling author
    • Cofounder of LaunchTeam, an international marketing agency
    • Cofounder of PlayQ, a mobile game company
    • Techstars Alum, BA from the University of Michigan
  • Jessica Li

    Capital Markets Summer Analyst, Morgan Stanley
    • Former Technology intern at Charles Schwab
    • Economics and CS, Honors Candidate at Harvard University

News & Media

In the News

Events and Roadshows


The XKU is an experience keeping unit. is into the ecommerce of experiences. Fine experiences are the products that trade on our platform. Since experiences are “intangible”, we use the following example to illustrate an XKU accurately. Fig 1, is a conventional theatre that showcases movies for audiences. Fig 2, represents an exceptional experience from While Story, Source and Sustainability qualify the tangible aspects of an XKU, the experience dimension is best represented by visual aids as demonstrated above. It is about structuring, packaging and presenting a product, in a manner that delivers a memorable experience for the buyer.

We will not touch the UPC provided by the GS1 organization, as the representation is illustrative. While executing it, there will be an SKU with its UPC. Post the UPC, there will be a RUNS generated 3S key and taken together with the SKU, we call this the XKU

From a code perspective, UPC + 3S = XKU

In the white paper we have outlined 3 phases of technology evolution. Initially we will be curating experiences. Hence there is no need to touch the international standards. By the time we come to phase 3, we would have filed the final patent and transfer it to the governing council of the Runs platform, which will be decentralized, and will administer the XKU coding mechanism. We will release the appropriate XKU-Generators, which we are still working on.

Decentralization on the blockchain is accomplished by storing records of consumer information along with the blockchain and not in a company’s database. Besides, this information is owned by the consumer. The blockchain returns control gives the ownership of consumer data back to them and it's the consumer who gets to decide which brands can use such data. This directly impacts the monopolies which currently require consumers to enter their data while setting up an account and tag all transactions to such an account. Such information is stored in centralized databases, or to articulate it differently, in storage that is owned by the ecommerce company. It is the ownership that drives centralized monopolies which will be challenged by the blockchain.

Verification of XKU means, a “super node” or Spartan which will take the role of administrators.

Administrators, commonly known as Spartans, are editors who have been granted the technical ability to perform certain special actions on the platform. These include the ability to block/delete/unblock user accounts, IP addresses, and IP ranges from editing, edit XKU pages with Story/Source/Sustainability identifiers. Also, these administrators will be able to approve or disapprove an XKU.

Administrators assume these responsibilities as volunteers after undergoing a community election/selection process. They are NOT employees of

The 75 million for the platform will remain in the reserve of to be used for various platform activities like creation of content, connecting new members and participating in commerce.

This asset will not expire.

Relevant evidence for the emergence of the experience economy is provided by the US Bureau of Economic analysis as indicated below.

We would like to maintain that our competitors are traditional ecommerce platforms that include Amazon, ebay, Alibaba amidst others. In addition, there are a lot of blockchain enabled ecommerce platforms that are coming up, Example Storiqa etc. However, we do not see them as competition as our value proposition is the XKU. The blockchain enables us to compete with traditional players and the XKU enables us to compete with the entire market that includes both the traditional and blockchain enabled ecommerce platforms

  • Alpha version of the product will be ready by early August 2018.
  • Alpha version will be released by 15th of Aug
  • Product video is being built
  • Demo version is being tested
  • XKU onboarding process is on

The Entry Strategy for RUNS is to capitalize on building a large online community in a very short period of time and to commence substantive ecommerce across the community. To this effect, the Target Market to begin with, will be Cricket, Cinema and Coffee, a clear case of Niche and Targeted Ecommerce. In this phase, the RUNS platform would curate and sell premium products/experiences that are listed as “XKUS” (Experience Keeping Units) to members of the community. The sections below explain the reasons for choosing the Niche around Cricket, Cinema and Coffee as an entry strategy.

Large Communities, Large Markets, Significant White Spaces

Product Market Key Market Metrics
Cricket < 10b
  • 2.5 billion fans worldwide
  • > 100 cricketing stadiums across the world
Cinema $124b
  • 6.29 billion tickets sold across the top ten cinema viewership countries, with 2.26 billion in India alone : (2016)
  • 165,928 cinema screens across the world : (2017)
Coffee $200b
  • 500 billion cups a year with nearly 3.5 billion cups a day

As per the table 1 above, the Cricket, Cinema and Coffee community is extremely large with the number of members and the subsequent commercial transactions in which they are involved, exceeding the billion count. While Cinema and Coffee have a large market size and are hence attractive, Cricket presents a very interesting opportunity, wherein the market size is constrained, but the money involved in the cricket economy is extremely large. The philosophy of “Runs” is to create new markets across Cricket, Cinema and Coffee. The size of a newly created or realigned market space would be extremely large as it would integrate the communities into one large community and cross sell offerings.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) was a disruptive innovation that created a new market which is currently worth US $5 bn. Similarly, the T20 concept of playing twenty over cricket matches created a new market. Cinema meanwhile, generates its own set of aspirational desires that translates into emotional commerce. About 355,000 Indians travelled to “Cinema Favourite” locations in Switzerland in the year 2016 alone. The advent of socially conscious coffee consumers has led to the creation of specialized coffee experiences across the coffee chain with visits of baristas, roasters and coffee buyers to the farm.

Well Understood Community Buying Behavior

Cricket, Cinema and Coffee are “Emotions”. When cricket fans witness a cricket match, they feel it, when cinema fans visit a cinema, they feel it and finally, when coffee admirers drink coffee, they feel it. Cricket, Cinema and Coffee are embedded into our daily lives, be it as individuals or as a community/society. They represent a certain “culture” in a community setting. While the styles of cricket, genres of cinema and flavours of coffee might be varied across communities, they all deliver an “emotional experience” for the consumers of these products. These experiences are both individual as well as collective, in nature. Consumers of Cricket, Cinema and Coffee buy these experiences. We at Runs have a very good understanding of these products as well as the communities that consume them, by virtue of ourselves having been raised in such communities. At the core of our proposition, is our clarity in understanding the buying needs, wants and underlying buying behaviour of community members across cultural contexts, with respect to Cricket, Cinema and Coffee. It is this understanding that is being “codified” and “commercified” into Table 2 presents a representation of the same.

Community Community Member Segments by Behaviour
Conventional Differentiated Experiential
Coffee Daily consumers of coffee, predominantly at home but could be elsewhere Wide choices of coffee beverage selection where coffee is usually consumed in social settings Socially aware coffee consumers who are willing to pay a premium for high quality coffee and memorable experiences, with coffee being at the core
Cinema Regular cinema goers who prefer the theatre experience to watch a movie Premium ticket purchasers, attendees to cinema related events Cinema connoisseurs who are willing to pay a premium for special and memorable cine experiences that include and stretch beyond theatres and events
Cricket Fans and cricket enthusiasts who love watching the sport at home Fans and cricket enthusiasts who love watching the sport in any social setting, including the stadium Fans and cricket enthusiasts who watch the sport exclusively in stadiums, both in their home country, as well as abroad and can pay a premium in order to do so
Price of Purchases Low Medium to High Premium